On today’s market there are several brands that produce and sell soda makers. To carbonate your own water is easy, cheap and tastes good.

The most well-known and established brand on the market is Sodastream that despite its success lacks a clear and streamlined communication when it comes to their brand and identity. As a result Sodastream appears to be incoherent and uninspiring.

By updating the visual identity, streamline the overall concept of the brand and create an intuitive service we want Sodastream to have a given place in every kitchen across Sweden. The new visual identity is launched together with a campaign where three limited edition flavors will be released. These flavors will offer none alcoholic options that you would want to have at a party or social event rather than the conventional alcoholic drinks. Just as fun and well tasting!

Creative team

Filip Lööv
Stina Bergström
Pelle Evertsson