Hanna Larssons

Hanna Larsson’s patisserie is located at Herrhagen in Karlstad. The rich pastry shop is over 100 years old and is there for the oldest in the city. We chose to highlight the solid craftsmanship and the company’s history through new graphic identity and new packaging solutions.

We developed a logo that feels more familiar, personal and recognizable. Our packaging meets the needs of the pastry shop and can be customized in different sizes. With small features, the handling and function of the packaging is facilitated and thus helps both staff and customers without feeling complicated.

As a compliment to the standard assortment, cakes and pastries, we developed a premium range. The premium packaging is included in the “fikogram” service, which is ordered via the website and works much like a classic flower chart.

We want to keep the patisserie’s loyal customers, but also attract a younger target group on the go through takeaway packaging and a picnic package. The “strössel length” has come to be one of Hanna Larsson’s classic and has therefore received a completely unique packaging. At a time when more and more people value quality and craftsmanship, we have strengthened Hanna Larsson’s pastry by taking advantage of the company’s tradition through a contemporary expression. With a clear identity and stylish, practical packaging, we have made Hanna Larsson’s patisserie a modern classic.

Creative team

Martina Taengh
Adam Wass
Desiré Persson
Sebastian Johansson