Budhas Kafferosteri

Budhas in Lycksele is a passion and love driven coffee roasting company. With a mix of calm northern emotions and vivid Balinese colours, Budhas now has a crisp and personal identity and packaging solutions that radiates the quality and flairs it deserves.

The owner, Budha Sutedja, has his roots in Bali and has previously worked as a DJ but his passion for coffee drove him to open up his own coffee roastery and café. The café has become a very popular spot in Lycksele and was 2017 awarded “Coffee Bar of the year!” in White Guide. This made Budhas well know way beyond Lycksele.

Good quality and craftsmanship take time. Because of this, the company identity has not been prioritised. The graphic expression is fragmented. The packaging and design do not express the quality and flair it deserves. With the new identity, we wanted to capture the quality and make it look and feel as unique as it really is. Whether you are a local from Lycksele or a Swedish coffee nerd, we want you to know that you are enjoying a perfect cup from Budhas.

By doing a deep dive in the history behind Budhas, we found the expression we needed – Bali meets Northern Sweden. Personality and history creates the brand and gives it recognition. We found our inspiration in the free and artistic expression, with a passion for the product and taste. Our key words have been: Passion and Craftsmanship, Origin and “Swedish Fika the Bali Edition”.

Creative team

Felicia Hedström
Mirja Dahlgren
Tom Karlsson
Zaida Andersson