In central Gothenburg you find Botaniska, a calm and green sanctuary where people can escape city life and enjoy the vegetation of the garden. Founded in the early 18th-century, it has served as a center for horticulture ever since focusing on education and preserving biodiversity.

In the park shop you can buy all sorts of garden goods, but today it does not receive the attention and frequency of visits it deserves. We want to remedy this. By giving Botaniska an expression that communicates its purpose aimed at a new generation, Botaniska can strengthen its position both as a shop and destination.

During the past few years cultivation has become a trend amongst young adults, people who have busy schedules and often live in compact households. Hence, a green wave of potted plants and easy gardening has emerged. Where interest grows, social media is not far behind. We want to put Botaniska in lead of the gardening trend.

Analyzing the target group, our surroundings and purpose, we landen in three core values: Science, accessibility and popular movement. With these in mind, we created a series of products for Botaniska attracting young and conscious consumers. Practical solutions and clear instructions make gardening easily accessible to the target group. Having the identity based on calm, earthy colours together with dried flowers, we keep one foot in the classic, scientific expression whilst the other one is stepping into 2019. Botaniska communicates an accessible and vigorous design attitude making room for a new generation of plant enthusiasts.

Creative team

Sofie Gustafsson
Sofia Stiernelöf
Linnéa Danielsson