Biograf Roxy

“At Roxy you can follow the evolution of the art of films. Here you can see the new exciting directors and you can see the old industrious independent filmmakers. Here you can see the new documentaries about the world we live in. We are not doing this to break audience records or profits. We are doing it to maximize the art of the film. To maximize the range of film in Örebro. And because we love film. And we think you do as well.”

We have chosen to re-brand one of Sweden’s oldest cinemas, Roxy. With inspiration from the enthusiast Kjell Andersson, that started and have been running the cinema for 30 years, we wanted to give Roxy the appearance they deserve. We have chosen to give Roxy a classic look with inspiration from the 20’s Art Deco but with a more modern feel to it.

With the new look we want more people to notice this high quality cinema and get a enhanced experience. With a recognisable logo and a clear graphic manner we’re giving the cinema a stronger look that goes in line with their values. As Roxy firmly believes in that films creates discussions we have also chosen to develop an app that extends the movie experience where film enthusiasts can review and discuss films.

Kreativt team

Emma Harletun
Lovisa Björnsdotter
Carolina J. Säll
Pontus Skåhlberg