Ur&Penn was founded in 1943 and is one of Sweden’s most well-known watch and jewellery company. They have several watch and jewellery brands and sells products for every occasion.

Unfortunately, Ur&Penn has not kept up with the times and have therefore passed their “expiration date”. They want to appeal to young and trendy women, but with never ending sales and with an outdated graphic profile Ur&Penn is perceived as cheap and not very trustworthy. Our mission is to create a new graphic profile and a series of packaging to strengthen the brand. We want young women to show interest in Ur&Penn again and to compete with brands such as Edblad and Safira. We have achieved this through analysing the target group, environment and competitors which has led us to this final result.

Creative team

Hanna Nyman
Camilla Heed
Stina Olsson
Tora Cavallin