Street Friends

The Street Friends restaurant was the first in Karlstad with its rustic burgers in brown natural paper and industrial furnishings. Great food with locally produced ingredients, a real crafts! The competitors come with established brands and strong graphic forms, we don’t want Street Friends to end up in the shadow of their competitors. With our graphic design we want to create a new feeling that shows a restaurant that hangs over time. Let us see “Sun in Kallsta” shine on Street Friends again.

We have given the restaurant chain Street Friends a brand new graphic profile. In their menu you can find locally produced hamburgers made of freshly ground meat. The restaurant is a popular lunch spot, yet also perfect for an after work with colleagues. Before we started our project they lacked a consistent identity and their digital presence was in need of a pick-me-up. Due to rivals opening in the local area it was all the more important to stay relevant and not to risk falling behind. By giving them a recognizing pattern and a new logo we gave Street Friends a water proof identity. The copy differs from restaurant to restaurant as a result of our desire to give the brand a friendly and local touch. That is something we have chosen to focus on especially much for the sake of amplifying that Street Friends is driven by love for locally produced food. In addition, we left the raw, industrial feeling behind since it is on the verge of becoming generic in the near future. Our project sees to revive their brand, which will turn them into the obvious first choice they once were. Prepare for a taste sensation on a whole new level!

Creative team

Sofia Bergqvist
Maja Norrby
Wendela Krantz
Johan Hörnström