Yasuragi is a Japanese spa and hotel facility located at Hasseludden, Stockholm. We have renewed their graphic identity in order to better reflect the architectural transformation that Yasuragi has recently undergone.

Our redesign work takes its starting point in Yasuragi’s ambition of being a self-evident place of respite and reflection, where humans are given opportunity to meet their inner self, the surroundings and the Japanese bathing culture. This mission becomes particularly relevant today, as more people seek a relief from everyday stress and a counter-reaction to the digital age.

The new graphic concept revolves around meetings, which reflects in everything from our choice of paper size to typography. The meeting is also reflected through choice of tactile materials: hard and organic, soft and rough, big and small. The new design cherishes calmness, simplicity and function, which pervades the entire identity – from web to print. The customer experience and Yasuragi’s concept is strengthened by an improved digital experience and a new packaging solution for swimwear and the yukata. The new communication concept draws inspiration from mindfulness and further establishes Yasuragi as a place for recreation and recovery.

Creative team

Ilona Viarouchyk
Jan Görs
Louise Sundqvist
Nille S. Lindqvist