Wayne’s Coffee

Wayne’s coffee är idag ett KRAV-märkt kafé och jobbar mot ett mer hållbart utbud av fika. Vi har valt att utveckla deras take-away material och stärka deras identitet.

Wayne’s Coffee was established year 1994 and is Swedens first KRAV-labeled café chain and can be found in 9 more countries such as Norway, Germany and China for instance. Wayne’s Coffee today feels very American and doesn’t really stand out from the crowd of other coffee shops competitors. They need to find their own catch in marketing to reach out to their consumer and even directly communicate about their environmental thinking. What we want to achieve by re-branding Wayne’s Coffee is to create a stronger brand identity that should feel more Scandinavian and trustworthy, since their fundamental idea and their effort to improve the environment is a vital factor in todays society and well demanded by consumers. That’s why we want to reinforce their environmental concept to be even stronger. We want a direct relations to the consumers through the graphic expressions by spreading their message about environmental thinking not only inside but outside the café too by delivering it further onto the packaging.

Creative team

Amanda Ekström
Amanda Larsson
Benjamin Tipmanoworn