Tina Kjellander (Tikei)

Tikei Mineral Cosmetics is a e-commerce company located in Helsingborg that sells mineral makeup. We worked out a new name “Tina Kjellander”, new identity and e-commerce packagings to give the consumer a new overall experience. Tikei is a Swedish company which makes and sells mineral makeup. They were founded in 2006 in Helsingborg, Skåne.

The company runs by Tina Kjellander, and her coworkers. All makeup that sells at Tikei is made only by the employees at the company. In that way they have full control over all the ingredients and the customer can always be sure that the products they buy keeps high standard. All the products at Tikei is not tested on animals och all the products are also vegan.

Their ambition is to offer mineral makeup with high quality for a good price. The products are only available at the company’s website, tikei.se.

We wanted to develop and strengthen the graphic identity of the company by work out a distinct code through all the different products, because today all the product packages look the same and that creates a confusion for the customer. We changed the name of the company to Tina Kjellander just to make it more receptive and recognizable.

We also worked out a couple functional e-commerce packages that works smoothly for shipping and returns. These packages and the contents is gonna give the customers a new and nice experience.

Creative team

Lisa Tillander
Moa Alfredsson
Clara Bengtsson
Erika Svensson