Mårbacka was the home of Selma Lagerlöf and has since become a memorial estate. Our work aims to bring forward Selma’s voice in the brand and make old and new visitors want to experience a site of Swedish cultural heritage.

Selma Lagerlöf is one of Sweden’s most well known and beloved writers, known for her bestselling books like Gösta Berlings saga, Jerusalem and the Wonderful Adventures of Nils. She was the fist woman and Swede to win the Nobel prize in Literature and was the first woman to be elected to the Swedish Academy. She was a woman before her time, with passion for the women’s rights movement as well as her relationships with women, which makes her relevant to this day.

She bought back her beloved childhood home Mårbacka after her success with the book Jerusalem, which with her firm hand grew to be the largest employer in her community at that time. After her passing, the estate became a memorial estate and has since then been a place for visitors to experience a site of Swedish cultural heritage.

But the estate’s brand hasn’t been kept up to date and doesn’t mediate the same experience as being on the estate does. This is something we want to change. Our work aim to renew the brand and bring forward Selma’s voice, create a unified line of products.

Kreativt team

Sofia Berthsjö Svensson
Linn Creutzer
Erik Bruce