Liljevalchs is an art gallery, located in Stockholm. The purpose of the assignment was to create an image that better matches their good reputation. The objective was to strengthen the quality and credibility for Liljevalchs profile as an ambassador for culture.

Liljevalchs is located in Stockholm and was the first public art gallery in Sweden. Every year they arrange four major exhibitions but is probably best known for Vårsalongen that opens every new art year. As of today Liljevalchs wants to attract a relatively wide audience but emphasize on those who have particular interest in art. Despite their good reputation, their image is obscure and does not reach its full potential.

To reach a broader audience, Liljevalchs needs an expression that feels modern and neat but still honors the brands heritage and background. The brand should express a quality that gives Liljevalchs credibility as an ambassador of culture. Through a new profiling that is used consistently, Liljevalchs will build a stronger brand. Contents such as web page, app, catalog and other print materials was created to give a better overall experience of Liljevalchs, which encourage the audience to get involved.

Creative team

Ida Parkå
Lovisa Hallquist
Petronella Wenngren
Rebecka Linderot