Pitch increases in the climate debate, school strikes for climate, and flight-shaming – there’s never been a better moment to introduce a competitor to the aviation industry. But this is not really an introduction, but more like meeting a childhood friend who’s all grown up.

In spite of an increased environmental awareness, flying has kept increasing. A probable cause is the perception that flying is the only alternative when traveling abroad – despite already existing ways to see Europe without ever leaving the ground.

Today, Interrail is associated with young adults traveling with big backpacks and small budgets. The website is confusing, offering lots of information but little clarity. It’s easy to get worried about what could go wrong, and even easier to give up and close the page.

By moving the brand closer to the design language of airlines, Interrail is perceived as a credible alternative. The new look feels serious, safe and familiar. By using both well established and lively elements, Interrail appears as a real contender.

A new trip planner makes it easy to book and intuitive to understand all the details around the Interrail card. An app that travels with you helps you find the right train, know when to hop off, find other trips, and works as an anchor throughout your vacation. An updated travel package maintains the core of the iconic Interrail brand and brings it aboard the train to the present.

Creative team

Lisa Öberg
Emilia Rathcke
Sanna Morén
Henrik Jacobsson