Cirkus Cirkör

We want to see Cirkus Cirkör take place as “the new circus” and to help them reach out with their broad business and their position, both internationally and nationally. The new brand is cohesive, recognizable and calls for attention.

Cirkus Cirkör offers a business within two fields: one artistic field which produces shows, and one educational field which offers a circus upper secondary school, classes and workshops. In between, they run various research- and developing projects with contemporary circus as starting point. To simplify, we used three catchwords to wrap up the business: “Experience” (shows and events) “Participate” (classes and workshops) and “Contribute” (support membership and donations to the organisaton’s projects). Their whole business is built upon their key values: “cocky commitment”, “collective individualism” and “quality madness”. We tried to translate these words into form and created a new strong expression that doesn’t apologize. The typical “Cirkör-red” color has been updated and the new graphic elements communicates the continual movement of the contemporary circus. The tonality is both playful and professional and creates curiosity for contemporary circus, for both old and young.

Creative team

Linn Kårelind
Jimmy Stolpe
Pär Ekengren
Charlotta Weinar