High-tech equipment

Brobygrafiska currently has over 8,000 sq.m of modern, customized premises with high-tech equipment at its disposal as well as the latest software. Here, in this open test environment, you can test and compare new materials and functions, produce prototypes and test print.

Contact: Per Branzén, Operation Manager, for more information about the possibilities of the school’s testing and prototype environment. per.branzen@sunne.se, +46(0)565-163 80, +46(0)70-591 63 80

Test print – Epson CS P7000

For simulating printing results, Brobygrafiska has an Epson CS P7000 with 11 colors and integrated spectrophotometer and two Epson 4900.

Esko Studio Store Visualizer

Visualization room equipped with Esko Studio software for the efficient creation and comparison of different packaging solutions in a virtual shop, from concept to completion.

Plate Making

Brobygrafiska has the latest technology for plate making with Esko CDI Certified HD-Flexo with inline UV and Dupont Fast processor for developing without solvents.


Brobygrafiska has the market’s latest software for graphic design, packaging design, web design and production from bland others Adobe, Esko,EFI, X-Rite.We also offer the international certification Adobe Certified Associate.

Flexo press – Fischer & Krecke 6s-8/Bobst

Fischer & Krecke 6S-8/Bobst is a full-sized production machine that can print up to 8 colors with both water- and solvent-based inks. The machine is equipped with Smart GPS mounting hardware and Eltromat’s Web video 3000.

Material width: 1300. Speed: 400m/min.

Download PDF for more info

Flexo press – Rotocolor Rotova 300

Rotova printing press with the ability to swap printed matter between flexo and photogravure printing. The machine is equipped with UV dryers, which means you can use water, solvent or UV inks. Material width: 320mm. Speed: 500m/min. UV1

Large Format Printing

For large format printing, there is access to Efi H1625 Led. It writes on most materials from either rolls or sheets. The print width is 162 cm and the length is determined by the material being fed. It prints with 5 colors up to 5 cm thick material. UV printer can print on virtually all materials such as plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass and ceramics.

Digital printing – Digital press Konica Minolta

Our digital press, Konica Minolta is a sheet-feed, four-color press for printing at high speed which produces the best productivity and print quality.

Packaging Design – Cutting table

For prototype manufacturing of packaging designs, our environment-friendly design market square has two cutting tables (Kongsbergs Samplemaker XL20). We use ArtiosCAD as the software for designing. You can also manufacture prototypes in plastic in a Dimension 3D-printer.

Packaging Design – Filling Machine

In our prototype environment, for making bags we have a Bosch SVI-4020 vertical filling machine. We can make bags in plastic or paper with print, and seal and fill them.

Photography Studio

Brobygrafiska has a modern studio with all the equipment required by a professional photography studio. Generous floor space, high ceilings, a large outer door, good lightning equipment and computers for direct capture. We have excellent cooperation with the suppliers for studio environment – Nikon, Phase One, Elinchrome, etc.