Graphic packaging technician

(Previous name: Prepress- and packaging technician)

This course targets those who are interested in technology and in guiding production with quality and profitability in the packaging industry, which is global and growing. There is a great need for new skills in the production part of this process, which has developed greatly in the past 10 years.

This course focuses on the areas prepress and printing; it starts at the point when the customer has approved a new design. The prepress work consists of customizing the design for the right printing press, materials and post-processing. This is done using software from Adobe and Esko. The combination of prepress and printing technician means that you will acquire new knowledge that will make you attractive in the industry.

Course structure

The course is structured to follow the steps in the production of packaging material. Documentation, follow-up and improvement are important parts of this process. How did we do things, what was the outcome, and how could we have done it better are questions you constantly ask yourself and develop answers to. The course consists of theory and practical instruction in which the emphasis is on practical problem-solving. All units in the course are taught using the latest software, instruments, and equipment in the are


10 HVE credits
Graphical Data
20 HVE credits
Process Technology
60 HVE credits
Pre- and Post-processing
20 HVE credits
Graphical Data II
20 HVE credits
On-the-job Learning
130 HVE credits
Science of Materials
10 HVE credits
40 HVE credits
Process Technology II
60 HVE credits
Degree Project
30 HVE credits

Praktik - Lärande i arbete

In a cooperative education course, a large part of the learning is of a practical nature – termed on-the-job learning or OJL. Here you have the opportunity to test your knowledge in the real world of work. The business contacts you make during your OJL periods often lead to a job directly after the course. You can complete the practical placement part of your course in either Sweden or abroad. Examples of companies offering practical placements:


Once you have completed your period of study with passing grades in all courses, you receive a Diploma in Higher Vocational Education. If you do not have enough credits for a full degree, you receive a course certificate.

After the course

After completing the course, you will have the skills to work as a prepress and printing specialist at suppliers to the packaging industry or at brand owner/production agencies. You can also work as a packaging printer or prepress operator at a prepress agency or at an inhouse department of a packaging printer.

Higher Vocational College

Higher vocational education is a form of post-secondary education that combines theory with strong vocationally related practical elements. On the job training makes up one third of the studies. The program lead to vocational skills relevant to the graphics industry, which means that the student can quickly enter working life.

Entry requirements and selection

Read about entry requirements at 

All qualified applicants a called to take an oral and practical test as part of the selection process. To apply for exemption from the admission requirements, please contact the Student and Vocational Guidance Counselor at Brobygrafiska.


Application open
Application deadline
May 31 2018
Start of courses
August 27 2018


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