Brobygrafiska in Sunne and the world

Brobygrafiska is a place where industry and training meet in the field of graphic design and technology, packaging development and digital media. The key to success for Brobygrafiska is our close cooperation and exchange with industry, academia, organizations and government agencies – at the local, regional, national and international levels. We are an active lobbyist in our areas of expertise. The school also has a large and well-developed network for international exchange, and cooperates with businesses and other schools all over the world.

Cooperation with the Industry

Brobygrafiska interacts with businesses in the form of practical placements, projects, training and exchange of skills.

International Exchange and Cooperation

The school has a large and well-developed network for international exchange and cooperates with businesses, schools and universities throughout the world. Cooperation projects are made possible through the government agency Business Sweden, Erasmus, and the European Graphic/Media Industry Network (EGIN) among others.

Study Trips

Students and staff keep in touch with what is happening in the industry through visiting trade fairs and businesses in Sweden and abroad.

Vocational Placement Abroad

Students can choose to do their practical placements abroad. Examples of countries where students have completed their practical placements are: Norway, the UK, France, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, the USA, Russia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Students can seek financial assistance from the Internationella programkontoret för utbildningsområdet (the International Program Office for Education, a Swedish government agency), the SweFlex fund and Grafiska Företagen (the Swedish Graphic Companies’ Federation).


All of the courses at Brobygrafiska are developed in collaboration with the business community. To keep the students up-to-date on trends and developments in each industry, we involve external lecturers and motivators.

Are you interested in becoming a lecturer or motivator?

Contact us to talk about it: Sara Larsson, Teacher Graphic Design, +46(0)565-179 15



Brobygrafiska is a member of Branschkoll.

Business Sweden

Brobygrafiska is cooperating with Business Sweden at various international exchanges.

Dansk Flexo Forum

Brobygrafiska is a member of Dansk Flexo Forum.


Brobygrafiska is a member of the network EGIN – European Graphic/Media Industry Network.


Brobygrafiska is a member of Handelskammare Värmland.

Grafiska Företagen

Brobygrafiska is a member of Grafiska Företagen.

GS – Facket för skogs- trä och grafisk bransch

Brobygrafiska is a member of GS – Facket för skogs- trä och grafisk bransch.

Norsk Flexo Forum

Brobygrafiska is a member of Norsk Flexo Forum.


Brobygrafiska är medlemmar i Packbridge.

Paper Province

Brobygrafiska is a member of the cluster Paper Province.


Brobygrafiska is a member of SweFlex.

Svensk Form

Brobygrafiska is a member of Svensk form.


Brobygrafiska is a member of Yrkeshögskoleförbundet.(Higer V

 Svenska Fotografers Förbund

Brobygrafiska is a member of SFF– Svenska Fotografers Fö


Teknikcollege Sweden | Värmland | Sunne

In order to meet future needs for skills in technology, the Industrikommittén (Industry Committee) and Teknikföretagen (a Swedish employer association) initiated the Teknikcollege (Technology College) concept in Sweden. Its purpose is to ensure that technology courses at secondary and tertiary level are steeped in close dialog and cooperation with industry. Brobygrafiska is Värmland’s first Technology College, quality-assured by both employers and employees in the business community. The school is a member of local and regional steering committees.

HD-Flexo, EskoArtwork

HD-Flexo is the next step for high-quality flexo printing. Brobygrafiska is the first in all of Sweden to become HD-Flexo certified, including graphics companies in Sweden. The school is the first and currently the only educational institution in the world that is HD-Flexo certified.