InDesign for Presentations, Animation
and Interactivity | Advanced | 2 days

About the Course

This is a course for advanced users of InDesign who want to learn all about interactive solutions for the Web and presentations. You will mount video and audio in PDFs. You will also learn how to create presentations with eye-catching page transitions and presentations.

This is the course for those who would like to take their InDesign skills to a whole new level. For this course, you should have knowledge on a par with our Advanced InDesign Course or have worked professionally at a high level with InDesign for a long period of time.


Excellent knowledge of InDesign and familiarity with Acrobat or you have completed our Advanced InDesign Course.


– Web production/Web structure
– Create interactive documents
– Create forms
– Create banners
– Buttons and interactivity
– Links
– Video and audio
– PDF settings for the Web
– Templates, format and typography for presentations
– Page transitions
– Integration of material from Photoshop and Illustrator
– Layout exercises for presentations
– Export and use of presentations

Course Fee

SEK 6 500 ex. VAT

The course fee includes lunch and refreshments.

Course Dates

Contact Per Branzén for futher information. +46 (0)565-163 80


Lukas Engqvist





Per Branzén


+46 (0) 565 163 80