Esko Studio
Basic Course | 2 Days

About the Course

A course for those who want to meet the market’s demand for an increasingly fast throughput time for new product launches of packaging solutions. In this course, you will learn a work flow that saves time, money and the environment and which helps the customer to efficiently compare different packaging solutions in a virtual shop, from concept to completion.


Adobe Illustrator + Esko Studio Designer
– Create decoration for packaging in 3D
– Customize decoration for packaging in 3D
– Create simple 3D shapes in Illustrator
– Specify the cut and crease lines
– Create 3D PDF

Esko Studio Toolkit
– Specify the printed area for packaging in 3D
– Use finished packaging as the basis
– Use sleeves and shrink wraps
– Export

Esko Studio Visualizer
– Advanced material handling and material simulation
– Manage separations in the material
– Use apps for visualization
– Show products on the Web
– Export to film/photo

Esko Studio Store Visualizer
– Customize your shop
– Customize ready-made environments
– Import packaging
– Orientation and display mode
– Create movies or images


Be familiar with and able to handle the basics in Illustrator.

Course Fee

SEK 8 500 ex. VAT

The course fee includes lunch and refreshments.

Course Dates

Contact Per Branzén for futher information. +46 (0)565-163 80


Peter Bared, Tommy Bonté





Per Branzén


+46 (0) 565 163 80