Basic Course | 2 Days

This course is for those who want to quickly get started using ArtiosCAD for packaging design.
180117-180118 / 8500 kr

Basic Course | 4 Days

This course targets those who need to learn the basics of flexography.
180314-180317 / 15000 kr

Advanced | 3 Days

This course is aimed at those who have been working for a time with flexo printing and are familiar with this printing method.
180426-180428 / 10000 kr

Basic Course | 2 Days

Over these two days you will rapidly get up to speed on the basic functions in InDesign.
180608-180609 / 6500 kr

Advanced | 2 Days

For those who have already completed our Basic Course, or who have been working for a while and feel at home in Illustrator.
180823-180824 / 6500 kr

Basic Course | 2 days

This course is designed for those who want to create their own illustrations, logotypes and vector-based images for print and the Web.
180830-180831 / 6500 kr

Graphic Design
Basic Course | 1 Day

This course provides you with a basic knowledge of how you can use design to achieve better communication.
180906 / 3900 kr

WordPress – Creating a Website
Basic Course | 2 Days

During the course, we create a website using Wordpress.
180906-180907 / 6500 kr

Brand Building
Advanced | 2 Days

This course deals with brand building and brand strategies. Combine this course with our Graphic Design course.
180907-180908 / 6500 kr

Intermediate | 2 Days

This course is for those who have completed our Basic Course or who have been working with InDesign for some time and feel that it’s time to take the next step.
180913-180914 / 6500 kr

Communication Through Packaging
Advanced | 1 Day

This course gives you an understanding of how to create packaging that sells.
180920-180921 / 3900 kr

Brand Building in Social Media
Basic Course | 1 Day

As a communications specialist today, it can difficult to maintain clarity in the company brand.
180923 / 3900 kr

Esko Studio
Basic Course | 2 Days

A course for those who want to meet the market’s demand for an increasingly fast throughput time for new product launches of packaging solutions.
181004-181005 / 8500 kr

WordPress | Build Your Own
Design Template | Advanced | 2 Days

In this course, we build a template for your own website in Wordpress.
181004-181005 / 6500 kr

Extended Gamut Printing Equinox
Advanced | 3 days

An advanced course based on our Color and Quality Control Course.
181011-181013 / 15000 kr

Advanced | 2 Days

This course will make you a real pro in InDesign! The focus here is on efficiency.
181018-181019 / 6500 kr

Basic Course | 2 Days

After completing this course, you will have mastered the basics of Photoshop.
181018-181019 / 6500 kr

InDesign for Presentations, Animation
and Interactivity | Advanced | 2 days

This is a course for advanced users of InDesign who want to learn all about interactive solutions for the Web and presentations.
181108-181109 / 6500 kr

Color and Quality Control
Advanced | 4 Days

This course is an advanced course focused on process printing and how to control it for the best possible results.
181115-181118 / 14000 kr

Advanced | 2 Days

The course will give you more advanced knowledge of image processing and how to adapt images for various media.
181206-181207 / 6500 kr